Xinxiang Pingyuan aviation hydraulic equipment Co., Ltd. Affiliated to China Aviation Industry Group 116 factory, founded in 2002, the company with the ISO standard various quick connector, filter, solenoid valve, check valve and other products. Mainly engaged in hydraulic quick connector for air, and other media, in the design of filters, hydraulic auxiliary, research and manufacture, production and exports the United States needs fast joint. The series of products are widely used in various fields, such as shipbuilding, aerospace industry, construction industry and other special areas。
         Our company is a Usa Inc in the Chinese partners. The company is...
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hydraulic engineer
Requirements: college degree or above major in hydraulic, hydraulic industry for more than 2 years work experience, can the independent design of the hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder. Under the age of 35 men and women are not limited to a.
Reserve hydraulic engineer
Requirement: above college graduates hydraulic related professional a men and women do not limit a
Hydraulic Sales Engineer
Requirement: age 20-30 education not limited to                                                       MORE>>
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